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Domain Registration, I heard about this!

So today I wanted to register a domain name. Out of pure habit I went over to Network Solutions and typed in the domain I wanted to see if it was available and it was! Great!

I then logged into my account over at Go Daddy to register it. Well, it said the domain was not available. I said to myself “that’s funny”. So I quadrupled checked my spelling of the domain, heck I even copied and pasted from the entry I did on Network Solutions and Go Daddy was still telling me the domain was not available.

I then decided to call Go Daddy. Well in not so many words the person I spoke with did inform me that some registrars, like Network Solutions, have taken up the practice of reserving domain names that people check the availability of!

I have heard about that happening but never experienced it. I was also informed that in a few days Network Solutions will “release” the hold on it and I should be able t register using whomever I choose.

Pretty interesting practice, I guess it’s pretty good if you MUST have the domain name like yesterday. Sucks if your me and want to register with Go Daddy due to the price being a lot cheaper.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?


4 Responses

  1. If you aren’t going to buy from Network Solutions why would you use their look up tool? If you have an account with Go Daddy just go there.

  2. Good Question Tommy, it was just a force of habit to go to Network Solutions first. Believe me from this point on I will be going to Go Daddy first.

  3. They got ripped to shreads about doing this. I think Network Solutions has some superior products to other providers, but if all you want is a domain name just buy it cheap at Go Daddy.

  4. Yes they did. I don’t have anything against them for doing it. It’s a business move.

    But I can see why others don’t like it. All I did was see if it was available and Network Solutions put a reserve on it. This now prevents this domain from being registered by anyone else using whatever service they choose, other than Network Solutions.

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