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    Brake Controls –: “

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    Had a fellow ask me how to adjust and use trailer brake controls and as we talked it came to me that he didn’t really know the difference between a timer control or a proportional unit or any of the other methods of trailer brake control so I figured I’d drop a few words about the subject. Now it sounds simple but as Sir Issac Newton proved, once you get a mass moving it wants to continue to travel until resistance finally slows it to a stop. The word to remember is ‘Inertia’. Our trailers are that mass behind us and once put into motion it they want to keep moving. So we live with the ‘Curse of the brake controller’ when we tow. Of course none of us tail-draggers are pulling an overweight trailer so our tow vehicle should stop it just fine – right ? Sure, just like nobody plays computer games !! The federal government’s rules for towing say that the tow vehicle of any trailer is only responsible for the first 2,000-pounds of trailer weight. All trailers over 2,000-pounds require that a controlled braking system be installed.


    (Via RV.net Blog.)