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Mac Mail + RSS Feeds + PodTech

I am a HUGE fan of RSS feeds I prefer subscribing to feeds over visiting a web site for updates any day.The computer I use the most  is my MacBook.  I upgraded to Leopard, it’s AWESOME, but one thing that is leaving a bad taste in mouth are RSS feeds that contain video’s.This isn’t limited to PodTech, a couple other feeds I subscribe to are doing this as well.   I mention PodTech because the videos are the largest.  When I click on the feed it starts to  download the video!  this totally slows down Mac Mail.  Slows down is an understatement.  I cannot navigate to any other message until the download is complete!  This is becoming really annoying.   I subscribe to other feeds that LINK to the video.  I think is this a much better approach as it doesn’t “lock up” the mail client and gives the USER the OPTION of actually wanting to download the video.  Anyone else having this problem?   Or know of a work around to stop this?  Other then not subscribing to the feed!