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BusinessWeek with Cisco CEO John Chambers: “Smart Management for Tough Times”

BusinessWeek with Cisco CEO John Chambers: “Smart Management for Tough Times”: “

Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers talks with BusinessWeek about how he innovates and how that leads to changes at the company.

BusinessWeek Management Editor Jena McGregor cites Chambers in writing the introductory essay to this week’s cover story ‘Game Changing Ideas For Business.’’ Her full essay is here, ‘Smart Management for Tough Times: Breakthrough management ideas for a world in which the game will never be the same.’’ She quotes Chambers as saying: ‘Without exception, all of my biggest mistakes occurred because I moved too slowly.’

This comes from Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek senior writer, interview with Chambers:’ ‘At Cisco, ‘Downturn’ Screams Long-Term Opportunity

In the following video and Q&A with Burrows, Chambers explains ‘how he’s building network share while moving into such new markets as health care and security and surveillance.’

(Via The Platform.)