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New Desktop At Work – Too Funny!

I needed to get a new desktop at work, the desktop I was using is 4 years old and was starting to have issues..etc. When I ordered the new Optiplex 755 desktop from Dell it came with the option of installing Vista. I haven’t used Vista much and I did recently install it on my previous desktop. I need to learn Vista so I am able to support it..etc.

The machine came pre-installed with XP so immediately I installed Vista. Well after the install and reboot the drivers for the video controller, sm bus controller, PCI Simple Communications Controller, PCS Serial Port and the all important Ethernet Controller did not get installed.

So I put the handy Dell CD that has the drivers on it, guess what No Drivers For Vista on the CD!! Now i am on with Dell support and downloading drivers, using my MacBook, to a USB key. It seems that they didn’t send the Vista drivers.

What is funny now, Dell is trying to figure what exact drivers I need. Though the ethernet card is now working, took two tries to get the correct drivers, so I am able to download directly to the new desktop. They aren’t sure, for example, what video card I have (neither am I for that matter) as I went with whatever it came with and the spec sheet I received doesn’t indicate what is installed.


Rumors of Google and Dell iPhone Rival

Rumors of Google and Dell iPhone Rival: “An anonymous reader writes ‘Speculation is mounting that Google is plotting the launch of a mobile phone in partnership with computer giant Dell. Senior industry sources claim the two companies will reveal their plans at next month’s 3GSM telecoms conference in Barcelona, al-though Google insiders deny an announcement is due in the near future.’

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(Via Slashdot.)