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Another Reason I enjoy working on a MAC

I have started using the application Things for Task Management. It has been AWESOME at helping me stay on top of projects at work and the tasks associated with them as well as managing those ad-hoc requests that we all get through out the day.

I am not only using Things for work but also at home. In other words I am using Things for pretty much everything!

One of the challenges I have is that I want to synch both my iPhone and iPod touch with Things. As far as I can tell Things only lets you synch one device.

I use a MacPro at work and a MacBook at home, both with Things installed. At home I synch with my iPod Touch, at work I synch my iPhone. But I want them both to have the same information so I needed a way to synch Things on my MacPro and MacBook.

The MAC has an AWESOME application called Automator. Automator allows you to create workflows to Automate tasks. Using Automator I created a workflow that creates an archive of my Things folder on my MacPro at work and then saves the Archive to my iDisk. Using iCal I scheduled the automator application to run daily at the end of the business day. At home I pretty much created the same script that Archives the Things folder on my MacBook and sends that to my iDisk at the start of the day. This, I think, will help keep my Things library synchronized between my two machines. If this works as well as I think it will then I am going to create another automator application to copy Things from my iDisk to each machine on a schedule this way I don’t have to do that manually.

Not to mention, this also creates a backup of Things. An added bonus!

After setting this up I began thinking of what it would of took to do this on a PC. Yes it is possible and not difficult to do. However these Automator scripts I created on the MAC took less then a minute to put together. On a PC I don’t think the same could be said. That’s why this is just another reason why I enjoy working on a MAC.