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A new day for Macs in the enterprise?

(Via Apple, Mac, iPod and iPhone News.)

I found this to be a pretty interesting column.

A new day for Macs in the enterprise?: “When Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone was ready for enterprise use, the announcement caused a stir that few of the world’s iconic businessmen could match. It seemed that everyone from rank-and-file worker-bees to CEOs wanted to get their corporate applications served up on the hot new device. Why? This was Apple-a synonym for awe-inspiring design and coolness-the antithesis to stodgy old corporate technology that burns the eyes red and freezes computers blue.


Backstage at the Grammy Awards, Macs Run the Show

Backstage at the Grammy Awards, Macs Run the Show: “

From Macworld
To present the annual music industry honors to the attendees at Los Angeles’ Staples Center and to home viewers on CBS, show organizers use more than 450 microphones, 155 tons of lighting, 13,000 amps of power, 19 video screens, 94 speaker cabinets—and an endless amount of Macs.

You may have assumed that Macs played a large role in putting on what has become the largest audio production on television. But until you sit in on a rehearsal for the telecast, as audio engineers are hard at work mixing the 35 songs that will be performed during Sunday’s ceremony, and see how extensively Macs are involved in the process, it’s hard to fathom just how central the Mac has become to the Grammys.

During Thursday’s rehearsal, it was easy to lose count of the number of Macs in the production truck. But there are 14 Macs on board, according to Joel Singer, audio engineer in charge for XM Production/Effanel. That includes MacBook Pros, Mac Pros, G5s, and a G4 capturing video from the stage.

‘Windows frightens me to death,’ said Singer. ‘I know it, and I know it well—that’s why we chose the Mac instead of Vista or XP.’

Click here to read more ‘Backstage at the Grammy Awards, Macs Run the Show’

(Via Your Mac Life – The Internet’s #1 Mac Broadcast!.)

Flickr Find: Apple IIc unboxing

This was one of my first computers! actually it was the second!

Flickr Find: Apple IIc unboxing: “

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Like geeks everywhere, here at TUAW we like unboxing pics. But unboxing shots from an original Apple IIc? Now that’s Apple fan candy! This Apple IIc was recently purchased on eBay and had never been opened before. The lucky buyer posted this Flickr set of the ritual. I particularly love the old rainbow Apple stickers!

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

Apple launches Mac video tutorials website

This is one of things I really like about Apple. They make it easy to get training or to get help with things.

Apple launches Mac video tutorials website: “A new subsection of Apple’s website dubbed ‘Find out how’ offers dozens of new video tutorials aimed at swaying consumers towards its Mac computing platform and then helping them achieve the most from their Mac experience once they bite the bullet.

(Via AppleInsider.)

Apple’s website, circa 1997

Apple’s website, circa 1997: “Gizmodo recently ran a feature showcasing how lame the internet looked back in the mid 90’s. Naturally our first thought was, ‘What did Apple’s site look like back then? ‘Unfortunately, the answer is, ‘It looked more or less like the Power Macintosh 6500‘.
So with that, let us take you back to a simpler time […]”

(Via Macenstein.)

That’s Cool Daddy

So I am watching Steve Jobs keynote from MacWorld on my MacBook, Colin is watching one of his shows on Carrie’s laptop.

Colin tells me what he is watching “I am watching Dora and Diego”

I answer…”I am watching Steve Jobs”

I ask him if he wants to see, he says yes I want to see Steve Jobs.

So I show hi and it’s at the part of the keynote where the new Apple TV is being shown. Colin replies “That’s cool daddy, I like Steve Jobs”

Ahhhh another proud moment!

Reader question: Can you store other files on the Time Capsule?

Figured I would share this. Down the road I am going to be looking for a bigger HD for backing up and storing our photos. We are starting to run out of space. When Time Capsule was announced I was curious if you could also use it as a network drive and not just for Time Machine. And it looks like you can!

Reader question: Can you store other files on the Time Capsule?: “

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The new Time Capsule peripheral is an interesting beast: an Airport Extreme with a Frankenstein complex, with an onboard drive for backup storage. What else can you do with that space? According to Apple reps at the booth, the drive appears just as a wireless disk would appear with the original AE base, so you can in fact put other data on there besides the Time Machine backups. Since TM backups tend to grow to consume all available space, partitioning the Time Capsule drive might be a good idea if you can do it in advance. We’ll try to get hands-on with the Time Capsule utility later today to verify that you can split it up.

As the Time Capsule is otherwise identical to an Airport base, you can hang printers or USB drives off the unit and share those as you would with the older gear.

A further conversation at the Apple booth leads me to believe that you will not be able to partition the drive on the Time Capsule. If your purchase decisions are contingent on this capability, please wait until I can get a solid answer from the product manager at Apple on this. You could conceivably ‘reserve’ space on the TC by creating a disk image to hold your files, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you absolutely have to do it. A couple of contrary reports are saying that you cannot store other files on the TC drive, but everyone I’ve talked to says that it does mount as a regular wireless disk and you can write to it if needed.

Some other concerns:

‘Can I connect the Time Capsule as a USB drive?’ No, that functionality isn’t in the Airport Extreme and I wouldn’t expect it to be in the TC — however, with gigabit Ethernet you can transfer data faster than USB anyway.

‘Can I stream directly from a Time Capsule to my Apple TV?’ Probably not; while you can store an iTunes library on a wireless disk, you still need iTunes to mediate between the storage and the Apple TV.

‘If the Time Capsule is the same as an Airport, when will Apple enable Time Machine backups to external USB disks via the Airport?’ Could be never. It’s been suggested by some (including some of our own) that the combination of the wireless bridge and the USB storage bridge is simply too latency-prone and laggy to provide the needed performance for Time Machine, and that the SATA internal on the Time Capsule is integrated and speedier to allow TM to behave as expected. With no SATA bridge on the Airport Extreme, don’t count on official support for wireless backups via that hardware.

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(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)