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Turkey Highlights

BowCast – 2008 Turkey Highlights

I am becoming obsessed with Turkey’s!

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WoooHooo !!!!

So there was a marathon of Deadliest Catch this weekend and I was pretty much glued to the TV watching it.

So now I just turned on Tony Stewart Live and..wait for it..wait for it

The Captain of the Northwestern is going to be on!

Back to MacMail

A week or so ago I installed Entourage on my Mac Book. I had been using Mac Mail and wanted to give Entourage a try.

Well I am back to Mac Mail. Entourage worked OK I just felt like it has way too many features that I just wont make use out of. I use Outlook at work and I use those features for work. I don’t need those kind of features on my Mac Book.

I couldn’t get Entourage to ever synch with iCal so that was getting really annoying. I also use NetNewsWire and I like to email entires. NetNewsWire and Entourage don’t play nice, meaning if I used Entourage to send an email from NetNewsWire it was only capable of sending a link, Mac Mail sends a copy of the entire entry. I like that a lot better!

I will continue to use Word and Excel on my Mac Book. I like being able to work on excel files on my Mac Book and being able to open them up in the Windows version of Excel without having to do any kind of exporting..etc.


Threat Level: Whistle-Blower – Feds Have a High-Speed Backdoor Into Wireless Carrier


Threat Level: Whistle-Blower – Feds Have a High-Speed Backdoor Into Wireless Carrier: “Threat Level: Whistle-Blower – Feds Have a High-Speed Backdoor Into Wireless Carrier

(Via Rootsecure.net.)

Eyelid Stickers Let You Sleep at Work if Your Coworkers are Blind Idiots [Tricky]

these could also be handy for family functions you just don’t want to be at.

Eyelid Stickers Let You Sleep at Work if Your Coworkers are Blind Idiots [Tricky]: “

eyestickers.jpgSo you want to sleep at work. I can’t say that’s the brightest idea in the world, but who am I to judge? Let me help you out: if you want to sleep at your desk and also look really, really creepy while awake, all you need to do is buy some of these eye stickers. Slap ’em on your closed eyelids, learn to sleep sitting up, and you’ll be sure to fool everyone who walks by your desk. There is absolutely no way for this plan to fail… trust me. [Bits and Pieces via Neatorama]

(Via Gizmodo.)



Definitely the best Super Bowl I have ever watched! The game never hit that lull that always seems to happen in football games.

Now, Bring On NASCAR!!!! Daytona 500 Qualifying this weekend!

Go Giants!

Colin Showing His Support For The Giants!

“Jackass” to take-over SIRIUS Faction Channel 28

“Jackass” to take-over SIRIUS Faction Channel 28: “

Jackass 2.5 with Johnny Knoxville and the Gang In what’s certain to be a raucous event, the crew from the Jackass television and film series, which includes Bam Margera, Johnny Knoxville, Steve O, Wee Man, Chris Pontius, and Jackass 2.5 director Jeff Termaine will take-over SIRIUS’ Faction music channel 28 to celebrate the release of Jackass 2.5 on DVD.

For five days they’ll be sharing their behind-the-scenes stories, as well as music from the movies, MTV series and video games. (I’m nervous about that one!)

WHERE: Exclusively on Faction channel 28

WHEN: Monday, February 4 through Friday, February 8

MORE: SIRIUS’ Faction channel is rooted in music and the action sports lifestyle. The channel boasts shows hosted exclusively by action sports stars Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Johnny Moseley, and Jason Ellis.

For more information, visit www.sirius.com/faction.

(Via SIRIUS Backstage.)

Take a whack at Brady

Take a whack at Brady: “

You should be able to kill at least 30 minutes of your workday playing this game. I had 18 misses on my first try, but I rallied the second time around and had nine hits. The dimensions are a little off, so try to move your mallet back as far as you can to whack Tom Brady over the head.

(Via ESPN.com – Hashmarks – Blog.)