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How Did You Watch The Race?

I was up in the air on how I was going to watch the race today. Being that it was on while I was at work I needed to find a good way to watch it. Listening on Sirius is out since they don’t broadcast the channel on the web and the office I’m in has now windows (I think that is typical for IT guys). If I could have used Sirius I would have, I really enjoy listening to the in car audio and the excitement in the voices of the guys and gals calling the race.

I wasn’t about to pay for Trackpass. So I gave in and used WebGuide.

I have a Windows Media Center PC here at home. To keep it simple Media Center let’s us watch TV on the computer as well as scheduled recordings of TV shows..etc. WebGuide allows to connect to our Media Center PC via the internet and stream what is on TV. So cool!

It worked out pretty good; the only problem I had was since the race wasn’t listed in the channel guide I had to select the shows that are normally on during the day. The shows are only a half hour long so the stream would stop every half hour and I would have to start it again. I am not sure if there is a way around it heck I was at work I had things I SHOULD be doing!

All in all I was very pleased with Web Guide, and somewhat pleased with the race results, Tony finished in the top 10 so that is always good.


Backstage at the Grammy Awards, Macs Run the Show

Backstage at the Grammy Awards, Macs Run the Show: “

From Macworld
To present the annual music industry honors to the attendees at Los Angeles’ Staples Center and to home viewers on CBS, show organizers use more than 450 microphones, 155 tons of lighting, 13,000 amps of power, 19 video screens, 94 speaker cabinets—and an endless amount of Macs.

You may have assumed that Macs played a large role in putting on what has become the largest audio production on television. But until you sit in on a rehearsal for the telecast, as audio engineers are hard at work mixing the 35 songs that will be performed during Sunday’s ceremony, and see how extensively Macs are involved in the process, it’s hard to fathom just how central the Mac has become to the Grammys.

During Thursday’s rehearsal, it was easy to lose count of the number of Macs in the production truck. But there are 14 Macs on board, according to Joel Singer, audio engineer in charge for XM Production/Effanel. That includes MacBook Pros, Mac Pros, G5s, and a G4 capturing video from the stage.

‘Windows frightens me to death,’ said Singer. ‘I know it, and I know it well—that’s why we chose the Mac instead of Vista or XP.’

Click here to read more ‘Backstage at the Grammy Awards, Macs Run the Show’

(Via Your Mac Life – The Internet’s #1 Mac Broadcast!.)

Something Interesting To Try

We tried this with Internet Explorer 7 and 6 on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2000

Open up Windows Task Manager
Start Up Internet Explorer, take note of the Memory Usage

With Task Manager still open and your eye on Internet Explorer start surfing around to other sites, such as ESPN, MySpace..etc. And watch the Memory Usage of Internet Explorer. Memory Usage keeps going up..and up..and up.

Now still with Task Manager open and keeping an eye on the memory usage, minimize Internet Explorer. Memory Usage goes down.

Now maximize Internet Explorer. Memory Usage goes up to what it needs.


We did the same in Excel 2003, Outlook..etc.

We also tried this on the Mac using Safari with different results. Opened up Safari and surfed around the Memory Usage kept climbing. Minimized, and the memory didn’t go down. We hid Safari, still did not go down.


Domain Registration, I heard about this!

So today I wanted to register a domain name. Out of pure habit I went over to Network Solutions and typed in the domain I wanted to see if it was available and it was! Great!

I then logged into my account over at Go Daddy to register it. Well, it said the domain was not available. I said to myself “that’s funny”. So I quadrupled checked my spelling of the domain, heck I even copied and pasted from the entry I did on Network Solutions and Go Daddy was still telling me the domain was not available.

I then decided to call Go Daddy. Well in not so many words the person I spoke with did inform me that some registrars, like Network Solutions, have taken up the practice of reserving domain names that people check the availability of!

I have heard about that happening but never experienced it. I was also informed that in a few days Network Solutions will “release” the hold on it and I should be able t register using whomever I choose.

Pretty interesting practice, I guess it’s pretty good if you MUST have the domain name like yesterday. Sucks if your me and want to register with Go Daddy due to the price being a lot cheaper.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Flickr Find: Apple IIc unboxing

This was one of my first computers! actually it was the second!

Flickr Find: Apple IIc unboxing: “

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Like geeks everywhere, here at TUAW we like unboxing pics. But unboxing shots from an original Apple IIc? Now that’s Apple fan candy! This Apple IIc was recently purchased on eBay and had never been opened before. The lucky buyer posted this Flickr set of the ritual. I particularly love the old rainbow Apple stickers!

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

Review: MacBook Air

Review: MacBook Air: “The decision about whether the MacBook Air is a product worth having can be answered by one question: How much are you willing to compromise? In his extensive review of the latest Apple laptop, Jason Snell looks at what trade-offs you’ll have to make and whether the MacBook Air is the right machine for your needs.”

(Via Expert Reviews on Macs, iPhones and iPods.)

Apple launches Mac video tutorials website

This is one of things I really like about Apple. They make it easy to get training or to get help with things.

Apple launches Mac video tutorials website: “A new subsection of Apple’s website dubbed ‘Find out how’ offers dozens of new video tutorials aimed at swaying consumers towards its Mac computing platform and then helping them achieve the most from their Mac experience once they bite the bullet.

(Via AppleInsider.)

Rumors of Google and Dell iPhone Rival

Rumors of Google and Dell iPhone Rival: “An anonymous reader writes ‘Speculation is mounting that Google is plotting the launch of a mobile phone in partnership with computer giant Dell. Senior industry sources claim the two companies will reveal their plans at next month’s 3GSM telecoms conference in Barcelona, al-though Google insiders deny an announcement is due in the near future.’

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

(Via Slashdot.)

Apple’s website, circa 1997

Apple’s website, circa 1997: “Gizmodo recently ran a feature showcasing how lame the internet looked back in the mid 90’s. Naturally our first thought was, ‘What did Apple’s site look like back then? ‘Unfortunately, the answer is, ‘It looked more or less like the Power Macintosh 6500‘.
So with that, let us take you back to a simpler time […]”

(Via Macenstein.)

20 minutes with Woz

20 minutes with Woz: “

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Dutch site One More Thing brings us a serving of Steve ‘Woz’ Wozniak from Macworld. You may or may not be nonplussed by the exclusive interview with Apple’s co-founder, but they use the word ‘computergeschiedenis’ in the post, which you have to admit is a pretty fun way to say ‘computer history’. At least that’s how KavaServices translated it for me. And Woz, no matter how you look at it, has a place in computer history.

Not surprisingly, Woz has a lot of love to share in regards to the Macworld proceedings, the Apple TV Take 2, and other Apple affairs. He is willing to state that the first Apple TV was a ‘very rare case where a product really wasn’t quite done right,’ but mostly, I’m sure, because it’s already been generally acknowledged. The interview is in English, which is good for me as my ability to follow along in Dutch would be somewhere between rusty and non-existent. It’s also 20 minutes long, so if you’ve been wishing for a little time with Mr. Wozniak, for whatever reason, get your fill.

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(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)