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    Cisco CEO “On Leadership” with Washington Post

    Cisco CEO “On Leadership” with Washington Post: “

    Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers talks with Pulitzer Prize winning business columnist Steve Pearlstein as part of the Washington Post’s ‘On Leadership’ video series.

    Chambers talks about managing during the downturn, how collaboration is the next phase of management style, change, and identifying market transitions.

    (Via The Platform.)

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Diggnation: Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht (3/11/09) – Video – NBC.com

    Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Diggnation: Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht (3/11/09) – Video – NBC.com.

    My Drobo Experience

    I started to hear a lot about Drobo so I decided to look at it more closely.

    From what I have seen and heard it sounds like a great storage solution. The question I had was how well would it be in a corporate environment?

    I had a conversation with a Drobo representative and they told me that they do have customers using it in a corporate environment. Not sure if the representative told me this just to get me to purchase one. I like to think the representative was being honest with me.

    At work we definitely had an ideal use for the Drobo. One department copies large graphic files from a server and they work on them locally and then send the image back to the server when done. The server started to run low on space and we needed to find a good solution that was affordable.

    The Drobo device seemed like the perfect fit for this!

    So I ordered the Drobo with 4 1 TB drives given us 2.7 TB of usable space. Plenty of room for awhile! I also ordered the Drobo Share so that we could easily put the device on the network. Setup was a breeze, we had the device up and running in no time and even copied around 60 GB of data to it and soon after 600 GB of data.

    Now the fun begins…..

    After a few days the Drobo went into this “reboot loop”. We looked on the Drobo web site for a fix and we found the steps we needed to do in order to stop the device from it’s continuos reboot. The steps worked and our Drobo was up and running again. Article ID 0234 on the Drobo support site if anyone else needs the instructions.

    With the time difference between us and Drobo we sent in a support request via email. I wanted to know what could cause this type of behavior. A day went by and we heard nothing.

    Within 2 days the Drobo went into the “reboot loop” again. We followed the steps to get out of the loop. I decided to wait until the Drobo offices opened and called into support.

    Support suggested we update the firmware and showed us how to download it from the Drobo web site and then apply it to the device. During the conversation with support I mentioned that I sent in a support request 2 days ago and have yet to hear a reply. The answer I was given was that my email address was not associated yet with our registered account and that was the reason why I wasn’t contacted. Umm ok I guess.

    The Drobo device was running fine for about 4 days after applying the firmware and then once again it went into the “reboot loop”.

    Once again I contacted Drobo support, via Email, and I did get a reply! Great! The support person asked us for some information about the Drobo, you know the usual serial number, firmware version..etc.

    We happily supplied the information right away. We did receive a reply back asking some more questions and then asking us to send a copy of the Drobo diagnostics log (or something like that). We obliged and sent in the requested information. As of today that was 8 days ago!

    I sent an email yesterday to Drobo asking for an update and no reply!

    We did our own troubleshooting at work and thought perhaps it was a power issue that was causing the Drobo to go into this “reboot loop”. We moved the Drobo to a different power source and it has been 7 days now with no (knock on wood) Drobo “reboot loop”.

    This experience with Drobo support has me concerned. If this intial use of Drobo was a success we had plans of purchasing additional devices and using them throughout our environment. But, if I can’t get a reply from Drobo support, how responsive will they or would they be if we had a critical support issue?

    Received a reply from Drobo, a day after blogging this. They are sending us a beefier power supply.

    UPDATE received a beefier power supply from Drobo and so far so good. Drobo support has been following up consistently with me on this. Hats off to them for that.

    Force.com – Can’t Even Get Started With It

    Back on September 17 I attended the Web 2.0 expo in NY.

    One of the presentations I attended was Force.com. Force.com is SalesForce.com solution to for developing for cloud computing.

    To keep it real simple, Force.com is a development platform that lives on the internet.

    I wanted to check this out and perhaps code up something quick to give it a try. I registered for a developers account.

    I was able to log in to SalesForce.com and then worked my way over to the developer area for Force.com. When I tried to login to view the getting started material I received some database error. I figured I would try back again another day. Few days later still getting some database error.

    After finally finding my way to the help area I opened a support ticket. I did receive a reply via email and phone. I was impressed! After providing the steps I took to get the error the problem was escalated up.

    Well here we are October 28th, more than a month! has gone by and NOTHING. Too funny.

    What is even funnier is I keep getting contacted by SalesForce.com sales rep’s asking if I want to try the service. I tell them SalesForce.com can’t even get me logged on to the developers section and I haven been waiting for some kind of support for an answer and SalesForce.com expects me to use them for a business solution? Are you kidding me?

    **Update about 5 minutes after I added this blog entry I received an email from SalesForce.com. Coincidence ?

    ‘The Website Is Down’

    (Via Daring Fireball.)

    This is a MUST view for anyone in IT, especially if you do support..etc.

    ‘The Website Is Down’: ”

    Funny movie with a clever presentation, by Josh Weinberg.

    Download a Full, Free Photoshop Book at Sitepoint

    (Via BittBox.)

    Ban ‘Second Life’ in schools and libraries, Republican congressman says

    I recently joined second life to see what it was all about. Microsoft was doing a launch event in Second Life. Of course it was on a Saturday and I had other things to do.

    Anyway, I thought this was interesting. Oh and I am known as “Jaymz Henig” in Second Life.

    Any thoughts on this?

    (Via CNET News.com.)

    Ban ‘Second Life’ in schools and libraries, Republican congressman says: “Because sexual predators may lurk in virtual world and on social-networking sites, Rep. Mark Kirk calls again for passing controversial legislation forcing zone blockage.”