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Force.com – Can’t Even Get Started With It

Back on September 17 I attended the Web 2.0 expo in NY.

One of the presentations I attended was Force.com. Force.com is SalesForce.com solution to for developing for cloud computing.

To keep it real simple, Force.com is a development platform that lives on the internet.

I wanted to check this out and perhaps code up something quick to give it a try. I registered for a developers account.

I was able to log in to SalesForce.com and then worked my way over to the developer area for Force.com. When I tried to login to view the getting started material I received some database error. I figured I would try back again another day. Few days later still getting some database error.

After finally finding my way to the help area I opened a support ticket. I did receive a reply via email and phone. I was impressed! After providing the steps I took to get the error the problem was escalated up.

Well here we are October 28th, more than a month! has gone by and NOTHING. Too funny.

What is even funnier is I keep getting contacted by SalesForce.com sales rep’s asking if I want to try the service. I tell them SalesForce.com can’t even get me logged on to the developers section and I haven been waiting for some kind of support for an answer and SalesForce.com expects me to use them for a business solution? Are you kidding me?

**Update about 5 minutes after I added this blog entry I received an email from SalesForce.com. Coincidence ?


‘The Website Is Down’

(Via Daring Fireball.)

This is a MUST view for anyone in IT, especially if you do support..etc.

‘The Website Is Down’: ”

Funny movie with a clever presentation, by Josh Weinberg.

Download a Full, Free Photoshop Book at Sitepoint

(Via BittBox.)

Ban ‘Second Life’ in schools and libraries, Republican congressman says

I recently joined second life to see what it was all about. Microsoft was doing a launch event in Second Life. Of course it was on a Saturday and I had other things to do.

Anyway, I thought this was interesting. Oh and I am known as “Jaymz Henig” in Second Life.

Any thoughts on this?

(Via CNET News.com.)

Ban ‘Second Life’ in schools and libraries, Republican congressman says: “Because sexual predators may lurk in virtual world and on social-networking sites, Rep. Mark Kirk calls again for passing controversial legislation forcing zone blockage.”

New Desktop At Work – Too Funny!

I needed to get a new desktop at work, the desktop I was using is 4 years old and was starting to have issues..etc. When I ordered the new Optiplex 755 desktop from Dell it came with the option of installing Vista. I haven’t used Vista much and I did recently install it on my previous desktop. I need to learn Vista so I am able to support it..etc.

The machine came pre-installed with XP so immediately I installed Vista. Well after the install and reboot the drivers for the video controller, sm bus controller, PCI Simple Communications Controller, PCS Serial Port and the all important Ethernet Controller did not get installed.

So I put the handy Dell CD that has the drivers on it, guess what No Drivers For Vista on the CD!! Now i am on with Dell support and downloading drivers, using my MacBook, to a USB key. It seems that they didn’t send the Vista drivers.

What is funny now, Dell is trying to figure what exact drivers I need. Though the ethernet card is now working, took two tries to get the correct drivers, so I am able to download directly to the new desktop. They aren’t sure, for example, what video card I have (neither am I for that matter) as I went with whatever it came with and the spec sheet I received doesn’t indicate what is installed.

A new day for Macs in the enterprise?

(Via Apple, Mac, iPod and iPhone News.)

I found this to be a pretty interesting column.

A new day for Macs in the enterprise?: “When Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that the iPhone was ready for enterprise use, the announcement caused a stir that few of the world’s iconic businessmen could match. It seemed that everyone from rank-and-file worker-bees to CEOs wanted to get their corporate applications served up on the hot new device. Why? This was Apple-a synonym for awe-inspiring design and coolness-the antithesis to stodgy old corporate technology that burns the eyes red and freezes computers blue.

“Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville new Microsoft pitchman

(Via Valleywag.)

“Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville new Microsoft pitchman [Advertising]: “Forget Justin Long as Mac and John Hodgman as PC. The latest computer pitchman could be Johnny Knoxville, star of MTV’s Jackass series. A reader of the blog Cajun Boy in the City claims to have been…

‘Killer Robot Shoots Man Dead on Driveway’ Is the Worst Headline Ever [Robots]

One word… WOW

‘Killer Robot Shoots Man Dead on Driveway’ Is the Worst Headline Ever [Robots]: “

Luckily for us humans, robots aren’t quite taking over by shooting us in our streets and in our driveways. They’re just being built by 81-year-old men build them as an ‘intricate suicide machine’ in order to remotely shoot himself. Here’s where the story gets sad: the man downloaded the plans from the internet, built the machine on his driveway, then positioned himself in front of the robot in order to shoot himself. He did this in response to ‘demands by interstate relatives that he move out his home and into care.’ Our heart goes out to you, sir. [Gold Coast via News.com.au]

(Via Gizmodo.)

Pretty Cool Animation

Probably one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile.

Ziff-Davis Files For Bankruptcy

Anyone remember ZDTV? Man I was hooked on that channel when it first came out. In fact I went and met Leo Laporte and Kate Botello at a Gateway Country Store Once!

Here is the Press Release on the Ziff-Davis web site