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Spring Gulch Photos

Here are some of the photos from our trip to Spring Gulch

Spring Gulch – Lancaster PA

We just completed our 10 day camping vacation and what a great trip we had!

We started out on Friday June 27th at Pleasant Acres in Sussex NJ, Colin, Carrie and I got an early start to our vacation went up early Friday morning. We spent all of Friday and Saturday at PAC, this was our first time leaving on a Sunday in the past we would leave early Saturday morning. We kind of enjoyed leaving Sunday as we didn’t have to rush around getting things ready to go. We took our time Saturday getting things ready inside the trailer, outside would have to wait until Sunday morning.

That is one thing about being seasonal and doing the traveling thing, we are packing up the trailer and unpacking all in the same day where others have their trailer in the driveway at home…etc. I am not complaining about it at all we get a few extra days camping out of it in return!

Our check in at Spring Gulch wasn’t until 3 PM so we had been in no rush leaving. We hitched up around 10:15 am Sunday and began or haul to Lancaster PA. We knew this trip would be a little different from the start, the route from Sussex to Lancaster consisted mostly of country routes, no major highways at all! By car it’s about a 3 hour trip, with the trailer we add an extra hour so anticipate it being a 4 hour trip.

We downloaded directions from the Good Sam Club web site figuring that would be our best bet. Well every trip is an adventure in more ways that one and for us our adventure began a little more than an hour into our trip. Either we missed the turn for a route or something was left out of our directions but we didn’t come across one of the routes listed in our directions! Not to worry, we borrowed my Mom’s Garmin GPS. We fired it up and punched in our destination and off we go again! Well let’s say we have come pretty good at navigating narrow roads making tight turns and making our way through small streets such as those in Bethlehem PA. It seemed either the GPS system wanted us to have a real scenic ride or test our patience. Either way we made out OK and only arrive an hour behind our estimated arrival time. Of course having to stop 4 times for a “i need to go potty” break didn’t help much either. I think Colin just got a kick out of getting out of the truck and being able to go into the trailer for his potty break.

Spring Gulch was everything we expected! A very nice campground. We stayed in the upper section of the campground. The site we had was very easy to get on and provided us with plenty of room. Carrie and I kept saying that we couldn’t believe the amount of space between each site. Some campgrounds it seems they try to cram as many sites in a possible. Not here at Spring Gulch! We had neighbors on one side of us and for a short time neighbors behind us. Not once did we feel like we had been on top of each other. A definite bonus! We had an end site so on the other side of us we had the road. Our Vermont trip last year we had a “road site” and didn’t care for it. The way the sites are configured at Spring Gulch you do not feel like your “on the road”.

The only complaint, and I wouldn’t even call it a complaint, I have is the pond for fishing is way too small. I went fishing twice, caught a bass each time, but you would cast and pray that nobody else casted on top of your line. I went early one morning so it wasn’t that bad, once you have like 5 people fishing it becomes a challenge of finding an open spot to cast. Colin and I went again while SOMEBODY went shopping at the outlets for the day. Colin had more fun playing in the lake then fishing.

We made our way all around Lancaster, the GPS came in real handy for that! From going to Dutch Wonderland and all the way out to Bass Pro Shops in Harrisburg the GPS was an asset for us. Colin would shout in excitement every time he saw a horse and buggy. We took our own horse and buggy ride one day and it was a blast. Our driver was Amish and is now ‘English’. He had to be just a little over 18. We learned a lot about the Amish from him. I think the thing that surprised us the most is that a lot of the Amish in Lancaster have cell phones! Without electricity they do find ways to charge them, some use solar power and others use their kids cars! Kids Cars? yep that is correct! Around age 16 the Amish youth partake in Rumspringa. In short this is the time when one decides to be baptized Amish or leave the Amish and live like the ‘English’. During this time it is permitted to purchase a car, listen to ‘English’ music and wear ‘English’ clothing. The link I provided goes into more detail. Our driver explained a couple things he and his friends did including hooking up subwoofers and neon lights to their wagons! He was especially excited about the neon glowing lights they installed under the horses! What a sight that must have been!

We left Spring Gulch, and Lancaster PA, on Sunday July 6th and made our way back to Pleasant Acres. The trip home went a lot better. We decided to just use the GPS and had no problems. I wish we had the video camera out when we came to a bridge on 611 in Easton PA. The weight limit was 3 Tons, our trailer is around 11,000 pounds. The guard at the bridge came out waving hands and shaking her head no way are you guys crossing this bridge! LOL no worries another bridge was just down the road.

We arrived back at Pleasant Acres around 1 PM. On the way home we continued our new tradition of 4 “potty breaks”. We stopped at Burger King in Newton NJ prior to arriving at the campground. We have learned from past trips we do a lot better having something eat first before arriving.

It was great pulling into our “home” campground. Everyone was at the pool and started waving to us as we pulled in. What a great feeling to be greeted like that!

In no time at all we had the trailer back on our seasonal site and had the water hooked up. Carrie and I knew switching to this site would make things easier on us!

I could go on and on about our trip, it seems each trip just gets better and better. Not that we have had bad trips, this one just was different then the others. I am sure the next one after this will feel even better!

We will be posting photos and videos to our camping web site soon!


A few hours of fishing

Yesterday I headed to the lake at the campground. Carrie and Colin decided to sleep in a little bit. fishing started off real slow so I switched to floating popper and that did the trick.

I caught a total of 5 bass, here is a pic of one of them.


What A Catch!

This weekend at the campground I decided to try out my new Ugly Stick fishing pole. It’s an early Fathers Day gift. So after the cow milking I headed to the lake.

I was there for maybe 30 minutes and Carrie and Colin show up. They didn’t bring down their fishing poles so I offered to go back to the trailer, with the car, and get them. I handed Carrie my NEW pole to use while I was gone. Carrie likes to fish but she won’t take the fish of the hook..etc. She expressed some concern about me leaving them, “What If I Catch A Fish?!?!?” she asked. I said “don’t worry it’s been slow going you will be fine”.

Well, according to Carrie on her third cast, with my first time using NEW pole, she caught the bass pictured here


She had to wait for me to get back to retrieve the hook. I say retrieve because the darn fish practically swallowed the rubber worm. Saw after some handy plier work I was able to release the fish back into the lake.

Of course I am eager now to catch my own fish. Well Colin got a little too close to the lake and yep..he fell in! He was about up to his chest in water. He was ok, he wasn’t upset about it all only now he keeps saying that he is never ever going fishing again….LOL

That pretty much sums up my first day out fishing with the new pole. I am excited that Memorial Day is quickly approaching. We will be spending it at the campground with family and friends..as usual!

Camping and Turkey’s

Our camping season is upon us!!! YeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa ! LOL

Now I just need to start summer hours here at work, after Memorial Day I will be working summer hours and getting out at noon on Friday’s!

Anyway, last weekend was the official “opening weekend” at the campground. Was also the first weekend for Carrie and Colin to enjoy our new site. What a great weekend it was! Saturday morning we woke up to the sounds of Turkey’s gobbling in the horse / cow pen. All weekend we kept a close eye on the “mother cow” it looked like she could drop calf any minute!

Today at lunch time I went out and picked up a turkey call. My plan you ask? To sit under the awning with a cold one calling in those turkey’s.

Man I love camping season!

Campfire Pies

These sound good!

Campfire Pies: “My mom told me about these a couple of years ago and now we are hooked.  Every time my kids have friends camping with us they want to make them.  You will need a square sandwich cooker and a hot campfire with some nice coals.  There are five of us so we have 2 irons […]

(Via RV.net Blog.)

Disney’s Fort Wilderness

We haven’t been to Disney yet but we do plan on it. Of course Fort Wilderness would be our first pick. What makes me nervous is that the sites seem to be narrow for big rigs. While we don’t have big Class A our trailer and truck to take up a lot of room!

From hitch to bumper the trailer is 34′ and on the truck we have the 8′ bed, that is a lot behind us to maneuver around. We had fun in Vermont with it, long story about us trying to get a little fancy, we managed OK but Carrie did get a little “antsy” with it.

Disney’s Fort Wilderness: “This is truly a one of a kind camping experience for your family. While not your typical camping trip, it can’t be beat for location to the Walt Disney World Resorts.
There are 3 different types of campsites at this time. Standard (water and electric), Full hook up, and Preferred (FHU plus cable). The prices vary […]

(Via RV.net Blog.)

My First Ever You Tube Video – PAC Pig Chase

The video is from the 2007 Memorial Day Weekend Pig Chase held at Pleasant Acres Campground in Sussex NJ.

Click here to view it

A little history, my brother in law is FAMOUS for winning this every year. It’s not to hard to figure out who won this one.

For the record, I came in 3rd I think.

Brake Controls –

Passing this along…

Brake Controls –: “

Howdy –

Had a fellow ask me how to adjust and use trailer brake controls and as we talked it came to me that he didn’t really know the difference between a timer control or a proportional unit or any of the other methods of trailer brake control so I figured I’d drop a few words about the subject. Now it sounds simple but as Sir Issac Newton proved, once you get a mass moving it wants to continue to travel until resistance finally slows it to a stop. The word to remember is ‘Inertia’. Our trailers are that mass behind us and once put into motion it they want to keep moving. So we live with the ‘Curse of the brake controller’ when we tow. Of course none of us tail-draggers are pulling an overweight trailer so our tow vehicle should stop it just fine – right ? Sure, just like nobody plays computer games !! The federal government’s rules for towing say that the tow vehicle of any trailer is only responsible for the first 2,000-pounds of trailer weight. All trailers over 2,000-pounds require that a controlled braking system be installed.


(Via RV.net Blog.)

Garmin Blog: Chet’s Corner: It’s Finally About Time for Macworld!

This could be interesting. We use a Windows based software, Delorme, when we are towing the trailer. It has a USB receiver that hooks up to the laptop and we stick the receiver in the window. So far it has worked really good for us.

Though I wish I could use my MacBook with it, without having to install Windows.

Garmin Blog: Chet’s Corner: It’s Finally About Time for Macworld!: ”

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