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How to Space Your Sight Pins

How to Space Your Sight Pins

(Via NYBowhunter.com.)

Two Eyes

I have read quite a few articles and posts that say shooting with two eyes open, instead of just one, is better. You become more accurate and consistent.

So this morning at the indoor range (the basement) I gave this at try. First shot was dead on and I was surprised. After that shot about 10 more times with both eyes and was dead on each time.

I am going to keep practicing this. It does a feel a little odd but man if the results stay like they are I will get used to it!

Any thoughts on this?


Incredible Turkey Footage

(Via David Blanton’s Blog.)

Incredible Turkey Footage: “”

Some More Archery Photos

I had these on my cell phone. I was shooting at a paper target at the outdoor range.



Having Fun With Pumpkins

I took the day off from work on Friday, in fact I am off until January 2nd, I took ride up to the archery range at Campgaw Mountain. Somebody left some pumpkins at the range…..soooooo……


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