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Back To WordPress

Well I have decided to go back to using WordPress.  I did switch over to SquareSpace for a bit, almost a year, and it just didn’t fit my style of blogging.  Nothing against SquareSpace, it’s a nice product but I just prefer WordPress.

I also started posting to Tumblr, again I found myself more wanting the WordPress feel.  Nothing against Tumblr, again just prefer WordPress.


I was on iPad Today!

Well sort of,  I sent an email in and Leo read it during the show.

It’s episode 15, http://twit.tv/ipt15

The prior week Leo and Sarah talked about the proper way to hold the iPad in landscape mode.  Should the home button be on the left or right?  I offered that the button should be on the left since you are forced to use it that way when using the iPad case offered by Apple.

What side do you prefer the home button on?  Does it matter?