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Force.com – Can’t Even Get Started With It

Back on September 17 I attended the Web 2.0 expo in NY.

One of the presentations I attended was Force.com. Force.com is SalesForce.com solution to for developing for cloud computing.

To keep it real simple, Force.com is a development platform that lives on the internet.

I wanted to check this out and perhaps code up something quick to give it a try. I registered for a developers account.

I was able to log in to SalesForce.com and then worked my way over to the developer area for Force.com. When I tried to login to view the getting started material I received some database error. I figured I would try back again another day. Few days later still getting some database error.

After finally finding my way to the help area I opened a support ticket. I did receive a reply via email and phone. I was impressed! After providing the steps I took to get the error the problem was escalated up.

Well here we are October 28th, more than a month! has gone by and NOTHING. Too funny.

What is even funnier is I keep getting contacted by SalesForce.com sales rep’s asking if I want to try the service. I tell them SalesForce.com can’t even get me logged on to the developers section and I haven been waiting for some kind of support for an answer and SalesForce.com expects me to use them for a business solution? Are you kidding me?

**Update about 5 minutes after I added this blog entry I received an email from SalesForce.com. Coincidence ?


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