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Kyle Bush wins another truck race

I have mixed feelings about Kyle. No doubt he can drive. Last weekend I was listening to him on TrackPass, after Tony’s day ended early, and he was sounding pretty arrogant. After two comments I just turned off TrackPass.

At one point he was leading and he comes and goes “Cruising down the straight away” making it sound like it was an easy race, the vibe I got was that he felt like he was going to win.

The next comment he comes on and goes “you guys have to tell me what I can say about these f’n engines” apparently he wasn’t happy about something. The crew chief replied with “calm down we will get her fixed the next time you pit”

I think my problem with the comments is me having mixed feelings about him. He just always seems arrogant. In interviews..etc. Then he just a kid so I guess I would be a little arrogant as well if I was in his shoes.

Busch’s pit gamble leads to another Craftsman win: “So far this year, the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series has been Kyle Busch’s playground.”

(Via ESPN.com – Autos.)


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