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Back to MacMail

A week or so ago I installed Entourage on my Mac Book. I had been using Mac Mail and wanted to give Entourage a try.

Well I am back to Mac Mail. Entourage worked OK I just felt like it has way too many features that I just wont make use out of. I use Outlook at work and I use those features for work. I don’t need those kind of features on my Mac Book.

I couldn’t get Entourage to ever synch with iCal so that was getting really annoying. I also use NetNewsWire and I like to email entires. NetNewsWire and Entourage don’t play nice, meaning if I used Entourage to send an email from NetNewsWire it was only capable of sending a link, Mac Mail sends a copy of the entire entry. I like that a lot better!

I will continue to use Word and Excel on my Mac Book. I like being able to work on excel files on my Mac Book and being able to open them up in the Windows version of Excel without having to do any kind of exporting..etc.


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