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Does this guy ever learn?

hmmmm interesting…and people don’t like Kurt Bush for what reason?

Does this guy ever learn?: “

Not to beat a dead horse or anything (I know how much everyone hates that) BUT has this been discussed?
Because I thought what went on in the Nascar hauler stayed in the Nascar hauler.
I would just be interested in everyones 2 cents.

This was in Nascar Scene this week.

Punch Line
It’s been several weeks since Kurt Busch and Tony Stewart tangled at Daytona but Busch is still poking fun at Stewart.

After an on-track incident at Daytona, the two had a confrontation in the NASCAR hauler during which Stewart took a swing at Busch.

During his radio show in his hometown of Las Vegas, Busch confirmed that Stewart took a swing but says he didnt connect. He also confirmed that the scuffle ensued when Busch made fun of Stewart.

‘He wanted to throw a punch, but I bobbed and weaved like a middle welter-weight,’ Busch told the radio station. ‘We went toe to toe, I think, because I told him he has a large waistline. No punches were landed. His hair is weird, man. I don’t know what he’s going for.’

(Via SIRIUS Backstage Forum – SIRIUS NASCAR Radio.)


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