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How Did You Watch The Race?

I was up in the air on how I was going to watch the race today. Being that it was on while I was at work I needed to find a good way to watch it. Listening on Sirius is out since they don’t broadcast the channel on the web and the office I’m in has now windows (I think that is typical for IT guys). If I could have used Sirius I would have, I really enjoy listening to the in car audio and the excitement in the voices of the guys and gals calling the race.

I wasn’t about to pay for Trackpass. So I gave in and used WebGuide.

I have a Windows Media Center PC here at home. To keep it simple Media Center let’s us watch TV on the computer as well as scheduled recordings of TV shows..etc. WebGuide allows to connect to our Media Center PC via the internet and stream what is on TV. So cool!

It worked out pretty good; the only problem I had was since the race wasn’t listed in the channel guide I had to select the shows that are normally on during the day. The shows are only a half hour long so the stream would stop every half hour and I would have to start it again. I am not sure if there is a way around it heck I was at work I had things I SHOULD be doing!

All in all I was very pleased with Web Guide, and somewhat pleased with the race results, Tony finished in the top 10 so that is always good.


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