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Brake Controls –

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Brake Controls –: “

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Had a fellow ask me how to adjust and use trailer brake controls and as we talked it came to me that he didn’t really know the difference between a timer control or a proportional unit or any of the other methods of trailer brake control so I figured I’d drop a few words about the subject. Now it sounds simple but as Sir Issac Newton proved, once you get a mass moving it wants to continue to travel until resistance finally slows it to a stop. The word to remember is ‘Inertia’. Our trailers are that mass behind us and once put into motion it they want to keep moving. So we live with the ‘Curse of the brake controller’ when we tow. Of course none of us tail-draggers are pulling an overweight trailer so our tow vehicle should stop it just fine – right ? Sure, just like nobody plays computer games !! The federal government’s rules for towing say that the tow vehicle of any trailer is only responsible for the first 2,000-pounds of trailer weight. All trailers over 2,000-pounds require that a controlled braking system be installed.


(Via RV.net Blog.)


Watch a live stream from SkyFoxHD when it is in the air!

This is so cool!

Watch a live stream from SkyFoxHD

Sky Fox is the News Copter for Fox 5 NY.

iChat Status on Blog

I have seen a couple other blogs with the persons iChat status posted. Of course I wanted to give it a try.

So take a look on the About page and you should see it there!

I found the instructions here

I might just have to listen

When Tiki Barber played for the Giants I was a fan of his, was being the keyword here.

After he retired and started talking outside the locker room I lost all respect I had for him. Rule #1 in all of sports is what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room, I believe Tiki broke this unwritten rule.

Then add to that his public criticism of Eli Manning. Being a fan of the Giants and knowing many other Giant fans we all had things to say about Eli, but hey that is the price of playing for the Giants. We love our football and Eli didn’t appear to be the answer. However, Tiki had no place saying the things he did. Tiki must forget he was famous for fumbling the football, who helped you with that problem Tiki? I don’t recall any of YOUR teammates criticizing you publicly.

I have refused to listen to “The Barber Shop” at Sirius. Tiki and his brother Ronde have a show that is on Tuesday evenings, I have had NO DESIRE to listen to this show. My feeling it would be more Eli and Giant bashing from Tiki and quite frankly who can be bothered to listen to it.

Now this morning, the day after the Giants win the NFC Championship game, I find myself maybe just having to listen to what Tiki has to say. Will he change is tune? Or is he going to make up some more criticism of Eli and the Giants? We will he give them the credit they deserve? They did go 10-0 on the Road and beat Tampa Bay (who Ronde plays for), Dallas, and now the Packers. Everyone has to admit they came pretty darn close to beating the Patriots the last game of the regular season.

I think now Eli has proven himself, he can win the big game…he can get his team to the Super Bowl. One thing I have noticed about Eli and maybe a few others have as well. He seems more relaxed and under control. Prior to the playoffs he seemed jumpy in the pocket and at times out of control and making some really bad decisions. Though now it appears something has happened..not quite sure what it is…but when Eli takes the field I do not feel that sense of urgency or panic that I have felt several times before.

I just hope that continues on into the Super Bowl, I think it will.