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Mac Automation: notes on your iPod

This seems pretty cool for those who carry an iPod all the time. I don’t use my iPod everyday, when I go to our NY Office or to the city in general I use it for the bus ride and the walk to the office or wherever I am going.

I use my blackberry a lot for taking notes. If I see something that I want to check out later I take a “memo” on my blackberry. This has worked out really well for me.

Thought I haven’t investigated it much, can notes be entered while on the iPod? My understanding is that you cannot. I checked out my iPod and there is an “Instructions” note that says nothing about being able to enter notes directly on the iPod, you need to enable the disk in iTunes and you copy notes to your iPod that way. For those that do that this automation script may server as a good alternative.

Mac Automation: notes on your iPod:

Many iPod users run into this challenge: we are always carrying our iPods, so we want to use them to help us remember things. Well, using Automator, we can easily address this issue. In this how-to, I will walk through creating iPod notes very easily (and all without opening a text editor).

For this how-to, you will need the following Automator actions loaded into a new workflow:

  • Ask for Text
  • New iPod Note
  • Update iPod

Read on for the next steps.

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(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)


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