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Apple MacBook Air Looks Absolutely Amazing []

Ever since I got my MacBook Carrie has wanted one. I see her wanting this!

Apple MacBook Air Looks Absolutely Amazing []: “

macworld08356.jpgIt’s real. The fabled MacBook Air actually exists. It’s ultra-thin, has a normal state drive and, except for a couple ports, it’s all about wireless connectivity. It’s an stunning .16 inches thick at the bottom and .76 inches on the top. The black keyboard is LED backlit, sightly recessed MacBook-style, with rounded edges all around. The latch is magnetic and has a gorgeous 13.3-inch screen with ambient-light sensor and, get this, multitouch trackpad. (UPDATES AFTER JUMP)

(Via Gizmodo.)


One Response

  1. Multi-touch is interesting. Scrolling web pages with two fingers on my old iBook is nice, but Air’s trackpad seems to offer more. The promised battery life time is suprisingly good.

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