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Parallels or Boot Camp

I am debating if I want to use Parallels or Boot Camp to run Windows XP on my Mac. The reason I am looking to run Windows is that I do the majority if not all of my programming using Visual Studio and at times I would like to be able to write code using my laptop.

I downloaded the 15 day trial of Parallels yesterday and have XP running already, it was pretty easy, of course I didn’t think about doing this until yesterday and I don’t have my Visual Studio install media with me.

The install went pretty smooth. The reason I am leaning towards Parallels is that I don’t like the idea of having to pick what OS I want to boot into. I rather just boot up in Mac OS and the open up the XP virtual machine when I need it. I use my MacBook for all of my personal email, posting to this blog, surfing the web, taken notes on projects I am working on..etc..you get the point.

I am not in the office tomorrow as I am attending another show at the Javits center and may not be in the office Tuesday either, depends how well the show is on Monday. So it’s looking like I have to wait until Wednesday to install Visual Studio.

Anyone running Visual Studio on Mac using Parallels?


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  1. J

    Not using Visual Studio, but lots of other software including a very high-end image digitizer that uses a security dongle and everything’s been running great for 8 months. I used Boot Camp at first, but have now switched everything to Parallels. I have an iMac and MacBook Pro both running Parallels 3 and XP. I have referenced a great comparison of Boot Camp vs. Parallels vs. VMware on my blog at http://johnkendrick.wordpress.com/2008/01/03/which-is-the-better-windows-emulator-well-that-depends/ Perhaps it can be of some help. John

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