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How to Recognize a Good Programmer

I totally agree with this. I started programming when I was 10 on a Commodore. I consider myself to be a good programmer. I really liked the part that states that good programmers are constantly learning new things just for the heck of it because that is what we do. Thursday night I installed Xcode, the developer tools for the Mac, on my MacBook for no other reason then to just “play”.

I have written code for Mainframes, Unix boxes, and of course Windows. It is what I like to do for work and as a hobby.

I am not saying that you have to start programming at a young age to be good at it. I am also not saying that you have to have had programmed in different environments. I believe that programming at young age and being able to program in different environments demonstrates the passion the person has.

At one time, programming Windows was a hobby for me, now it’s my job.

How to Recognize a Good Programmer: “KDan writes to share an article he has written about what some of the key factors in recognizing a good programmer. ‘It’s not as easy as it sounds. CV experience is only of limited use here, because great programmers don’t always have the ‘official’ experience to demonstrate that they’re great. In fact, a lot of that CV experience can be misleading. Yet there are a number of subtle cues that you can get, even from the CV, to figure out whether someone’s a great programmer.’

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

(Via Slashdot.)


Parallels or Boot Camp

I am debating if I want to use Parallels or Boot Camp to run Windows XP on my Mac. The reason I am looking to run Windows is that I do the majority if not all of my programming using Visual Studio and at times I would like to be able to write code using my laptop.

I downloaded the 15 day trial of Parallels yesterday and have XP running already, it was pretty easy, of course I didn’t think about doing this until yesterday and I don’t have my Visual Studio install media with me.

The install went pretty smooth. The reason I am leaning towards Parallels is that I don’t like the idea of having to pick what OS I want to boot into. I rather just boot up in Mac OS and the open up the XP virtual machine when I need it. I use my MacBook for all of my personal email, posting to this blog, surfing the web, taken notes on projects I am working on..etc..you get the point.

I am not in the office tomorrow as I am attending another show at the Javits center and may not be in the office Tuesday either, depends how well the show is on Monday. So it’s looking like I have to wait until Wednesday to install Visual Studio.

Anyone running Visual Studio on Mac using Parallels?

Tony Stewart Finishes 8th in the Chili Bowl

Tony finished 8th in the Chili Bowl last night. Not a bad finish!

For some reason the Chili Bowl web site has been down since last night, well at least for me.

I found the results here

Now I just need the NY Giants to win today!