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    Young IT Workers Disillusioned, Hard to Retain

    Being an IT Professional I thought this was pretty interesting. I am a Gen X’er though. I have seen some of this demands first hand. Though in my experience the employees had not been IT employees. We had, for instance, someone new come in and DEMAND a brand new laptop. Ok ummm all of us do not have laptops. I use my personal laptop for work stuff. Mostly because I wouldn’t want to carry around more than 1 laptop, who the hell wants to do that. Plus, I prefer my MacBook!

    Young IT Workers Disillusioned, Hard to Retain: “bednarz writes to mention that NetworkWorld has an interesting examination of young IT professionals and why many make unreasonable demands for their services. ”The issue managers are facing is with retention, not hiring. That means the work environment is not living up to the employee’s expectation,’ he says. For instance, many younger workers expect to get an office immediately or be paid at a rate higher than entry level.’

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    (Via Slashdot.)