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    Report: MySpace issued subpoena in teen suicide case

    I hope the people that setup this “fake” account get some sort of punishment for this. Especially the so called “adults” who knew the girl has had a history of depression..etc.

    Report: MySpace issued subpoena in teen suicide case: “

    The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that social network MySpace was issued a subpoena in the investigation of a 13-year-old girl’s 2006 suicide that involved harassment through a fabricated profile on the News Corp.-owned site. The article also said that ‘witnesses in the case’ had additionally received subpoaenas.

    Representatives from MySpace were not immediately available for comment or confirmation. The social network is no stranger to court orders, having been subpoenaed by multiple state attorneys general last year over sex offender concerns.

    But the tragic case of Megan Meier’s suicide is a very different situation; my colleague Ina Fried has been following the issue closely on her Beyond Binary blog. Meier, who had a history of depression, hanged herself after a falling-out with someone named ‘Josh’ whom she thought was a 16-year-old boy on MySpace. As it turns out, ‘Josh’ didn’t exist; the persona was created by a number of adults, including a woman named Lori Drew, the mother of one of Meier’s former friends, specifically to harass the girl.

    But no charges have been filed yet, despite the efforts of local and state authorities in Meier’s home state of Missouri. The Times article reported that it is still not clear as to who actually created the fictional account–this is something that cooperation from MySpace could help reveal. Sources who spoke to the Times anonymously said that the U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles, where MySpace is headquartered, is looking at charging Lori Drew with defrauding MySpace by creating the fake profile.

    In November, Meier’s hometown of Dardenne Prairie, Mo. passed a law banning online harassment. Offenders can face up to 90 days in jail, a $500 fine, or both.

    (Via Webware.com.)

    SPEED, FOX to provide coverage of Rolex 24

    Don’t know about any of you, but I watch this! not the entire 24 hours though! It’s pretty neat waking up on a Sunday morning at 6am or so (yes I get up that early on the weekends too) and being able to put a race on!

    SPEED, FOX to provide coverage of Rolex 24: “SPEED and FOX Sports will offer 17 hours of team coverage from the 46th running of the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona on Jan. 26-27, with the first 90 minutes of the event simulcast on the 1,400-square foot News Astrovision by Panasonic Screen prominently located at One Times Square in New York.

    (Via NASCAR.COM – NEXTEL Cup Series Headlines.)

    Tony Stewart Racing ready to defend Chili Bowl title

    Let’s go TOOOONNNNNYYYYYY!!!!!

    Tony Stewart Racing ready to defend Chili Bowl title: “For Tony Stewart Racing, the annual journey to Tulsa, Okla., for the biggest Midget race of the year has always been about new beginnings. In 2007, team owner Tony Stewart made the decision to bring his own operation to the Tulsa Expo Center for the first time in event history. Newly signed with Chevrolet as a primary sponsor and engine provider, TSR didn’t disappoint as Stewart claimed the brand’s first Golden Driller trophy.

    (Via NASCAR.COM – Tony Stewart.)

    Gibbs newcomer Busch says Toyota will win in ’08

    Gibbs newcomer Busch says Toyota will win in ’08: “Write it down. Kyle Busch predicts a victory for Toyota in 2008.

    (Via NASCAR.COM – NEXTEL Cup Series Headlines.)

    Getting RSS Feeds From MacMail into NetNewsWire

    Yesterday NewsGator made NetNewsWire a free download for the MAC. To find out more about NetNewsWire go here

    We all know how much I love RSS feeds. I used NewsGator when it first came out a few years ago for Windows and have used it with Outlook. So naturally I just had to download NetNewsWire and give it a try.

    I assumed that NetNewsWire would be able to import my existing feeds out of MacMail. Well I didn’t see this option anyplace nor did I see it mentioned. I then thought well maybe I can export out of MacMail…NOPE.

    I did some searching on the web and found a few postings where folks had almost the same problem. One person was trying to export the feeds out of NetNewsWire and get them into MacMail. The post had two solutions. Run a php script that would turn the NetNewsWire OPML file into a bookmark file that can be imported into Safari. The other was being able to drag the subscription from NetNewsWire right into MacMail.

    So, I tried to drag from MacMail into NetNewsWire and no can do.

    No way was I going to manually enter each feed into NetNewsWire, MacMail doesn’t provide an EASY way of viewing the address of the feed. Besides typing them in manually is so non-geek.

    This is what I did. This may not be the best way, most practical or whatever. I don’t care it worked for me and was a lot quicker then trying code something or keep on searching..etc.

    1. Navigate to the RSS folder located under users\your user name\library\mail\rss

    2. For each RSS feed you have in MacMail you will have a folder. Open the folder and then open the Info.plist file. I used TextEdit.

    3. This file is an XML file, look for the string element. Within the tag you will see the URL for the feed.

    4. Highlight only the address and while holding down the CTRL key click on the address

    5. Select the first option Open URL from the pop up menu.

    If NetNewsWire (or any other reader) is configured as your default reader you will then be prompted to add the feed to the reader. You would need to repeat the steps for each folder you have.

    If anyone knows of a better way or a utility that does it I am interested in hearing about it. Of course it would be a hell of a lot easier if NetNewsWire could import the feeds from MacMail or if MacMail could export the feeds into OPML.