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Sysadmin Gets Time!

Check This Story Out over at ComputerWorld.

I tell people all the time, never ever piss off a computer geek! Though I wouldn’t do something like this person tried to do.

I have more fun disconnecting keyboards and mice every now and then.

Turn That Music Off!

The new routine for Colin and I is to listen to Sirius on our way to school / work. Each of us, Carrie, Colin, and I, have preset channels. We use the Band feature of the radio to keep them separated.

This morning Colin and I jump into the truck and I switch to his favorite channels. You know the kid channels. He yells to me “Turn That Music Off!!!” I asked him “you want me to turn off the music?” his reply…. “Yes, put the racing show on”

I was like SURE, MY PLEASURE! So we put the NASCAR channel on and the Morning Drive is on. Colin asks “Is that Tony’s other friend talking?” I said “yes Colin, that is Tony’s friend”. Colin then says “I like this show.”

Yep I am one proud Dad today!