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Laptop Inspections?

Check this story out about U.S. courts considering the legality of laptop inspections.

Not quite sure how I feel about this one. I wouldn’t want anyone opening up my laptop and start snooping around. I don’t have anything to hide but just the principal of it. I don’t agree with the statement in the article that “a computer is just a container and deserves no special protection from searches at the border.”

To me the computer is just like my home, if someone wishes to search it the best have a warrant or something.

On the other hand an officer found child pornography while performing a search.

I agree with the statement in the article that “a search should require reasonable suspicion.”

Any thoughts?


Bento From Filemaker

I posted this in a forum as well, figured would blog it too.

Anyone using Bento from Filemaker? I have been using the beta for about a month or so now. I saw today that it is being released and for a single user is $49.

I have nothing against the product it is pretty cool but I don’t see me spending $49 for it. Now maybe if my employer was flipping the bill it would be a different story.

I am noticing something about myself lately. I am becoming more conservative with the software I purchase. Years ago I would have purchased Bento without even thinking twice. I guess being married does that to you!