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So I am a HUGE a NASCAR fan and an even bigger fan of Tony Stewart

A few weeks ago I sent a picture of my son Colin to the Tony Stewart Show on Sirius.

For Christmas my wife got me Sirius, and of course I was so excited to be able to listen to Tony’s show. This morning I decided to check out the shows page to see what time it comes on. For some reason I thought it was 9pm but after talking with my brother in law he told me that he was pretty sure it came on at 8pm, and it does.

Anyway while I was on the page I was looking at the photos and guess who made it! YES! my son Colin’s photo from his birthday is now in the gallery!

You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the photos, this is so AWESOME!

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Having Fun With Pumpkins

I took the day off from work on Friday, in fact I am off until January 2nd, I took ride up to the archery range at Campgaw Mountain. Somebody left some pumpkins at the range…..soooooo……


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iCal Events in Cover Flow!

Just read this and thought it was pretty cool. This only works with Leopard.


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Trying This Out

I just downloaded MarsEdit for the MAC for publishing to my blog. I read it about here over at Mac360.com. If I find myself using this a lot then maybe I will purchase it.

We shall see!

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New Apple Store!!!

New Apple Store opening Friday in NYC.  What is cool about this is Saturday and Sunday, and a few days next week, I will be working right around here!    

It’s a nice day

My more recent posts have been about my son Colin. This one is too!

Yesterday morning when Colin woke up and I showed him that it was snowing out. He got all excited and started to ask if we could go outside and build the biggest snowman in the whole world. I explained to him that we didn’t get enough snow for building a snowman. He seem to understand.

He then continued to walk around the house and he said to me “Daddy, it’s a nice day today”. I asked him even if it is really cold outside and it’s snowing? he replied “yep”.  I continued, even if it’s supposed to rain later? he said “yep, it’s a nice day”.

No matter what the weather is or what we may do Colin always says “it’s a nice day”.