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I want to be an Animal Rescuer

I was driving my son, Colin, home from school yesterday and he said to me “Daddy, I want to be just like Diego when I get bigger and be an Animal Rescuer”.For those who do not know, Diego is a children’s cartoon.  Diego is Dora’s cousin.  Colin LOVES to watch Diego.Colin continued to tell me….. “I want to work in the Rescue Center and save animals.  I want to bring food and water to the prairie dogs because they are always thirsty and hungry.   I want to wear my Diego hiking boots and go in the woods and look for animals.”   I then asked Colin if he wanted to go into the woods the next time we go camping, he excitedly answered “YES!”.  He then asked if we would find lions and tigers, I told him not here in New Jersey!   He then asked what about Bears and Elephants?  I said nope no Elephants in New Jersey, but yes we do have bears!  He then replied “Let’s Go Now!!!”.It’s conversations like this that I look forward to picking Colin up every day at school.  In case you are wondering, he is 3.   


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