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Hooked on Wiki!

I recently attended InterOp at the Javits Center in NYC.  Once of the seminars/workshops/whatever else you want to call it I attended was on Social Networking.One of the areas discussed was a Wiki.  I knew what a Wiki was..etc.  I will admit I haven’t been that up to date with what I am going to call internet technology the last couple years.  Ever since my son was born I have pretty much sidelined my internet research time to hang out with him.  Anyway after hearing the talk on  Wiki’s, specifically when Jeffrey Walker spoke and gave several excellent examples on how Wiki’s are being used by businesses, the light bulb went off.  Since returning to the office I have been itching to setup a wiki for Project Management as well as for documentation.  I created a demo to show management how I see us taken advantage of this.   I am really excited about Wiki!  Now to find the “perfect” implementation for our environment. I have downloaded a couple but I am not “sold” yet.


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